So, you still decided to set up your piano or grand. Came solid, gentle master, pereobulsya in the hallway, went to the piano, cleaned it from dust, about 2-3 hours officiated beside him, played a few pieces and there was harmony. Beautiful picture? Yes ... and above all too real. What is this idyll, and how to achieve?

Tune the piano, grand piano in Moscow. Restored pianos for sale.

Some history:

Of the modern musical instruments proliferation and thus have the greatest value is the piano, invented in 1709. Florentine master of instrumental Bargolomeo Cristofori. The piano belongs to a class of stringed and percussion instruments, chromatically tuned strings which are excited by the sound of the blows of hammers, driven by the pressure of fingers on keys. A distinctive feature of the piano is the ability to direct change in the impact force on the keys, respectively, regulate the force of the instrument's sound. Because of this tool and was named as its inventor cembalo col piano e forte ie harpsichord with quiet and loud sounds; later it began to simply call the pianoforte, as we have - the piano.

Rules of operation piano.

Instruments - have a complex mechanism and overwrought polished case. Because of this they need a careful and skillful handling during transportation, holding them in certain conditions and constant care. Wood and cloth used for the manufacture of pianos and grand pianos, are hygroscopic: they may swell or shrink depending on the humidity. In order to protect the instruments from the failure to keep it under normal conditions, which are the air temperature from +18 C to +25 C and humidity 40% -50%. Humidity in summer is about 90% in winter (in dwellings) around 10-20%. Humidity is controlled by a hygrometer and is supported by a humidifier. You can not put the tool near radiators, windows, doors and exterior walls, as necessary to protect it from drafts! In winter, the piano and the piano, hitting the streets in the living room, exposed to extremes of temperature and humidity. In this case, you should not open the keyboard and top cover in a day, that the mechanism and other internal parts of the piano gradually warmed to room temperature. Outer surface of the instrument may then be otpotet, ie fogged. Wet surface, do not wipe, you must wait until they dry out. After drying, the piano or the piano needs to be carefully wiped dry with a soft woolen or flannel cloth, especially all metal parts. The new tool, after delivery to the apartment the consumer should check and if necessary adjust it a mechanism to adjust. The strength of the piano strings up to 20 tons, which causes considerable stress in the iron frame and wooden details of the case. These stresses are leveled progressively, and the tool comes in a steady state only after a considerable time. In addition, the game at the new piano accompanied by a gradual condensation mechanism of cloth, as well as pulling the strings. Therefore, a new piano or a grand piano in the first year of use should be at least 2 times to re-configure and adjust. For setting and adjusting the piano and the piano should be invited to an experienced master. Prentice setup and adjustment can cause serious defects in the instrument. The outer surface of the piano need to remove the dust with a soft cloth. For protection from dust is recommended to use a cover. At least once a year to remove dust from the tool with a vacuum cleaner. To protect it from moths recommend that you put into the preparations. Underlying causes of various defects and faults outside work in the tool are bumps and knocks during transportation, the harmful effects of high temperatures and excessive humidity or dryness of the air and inept handling tool for setting, adjusting and repair. It is therefore particularly important to observe the rules for its maintenance and care. This will ensure that playing an instrument, his playing skills and exterior trim for the long term. Customize your instruments is very important. Protect your ears, and along with them and the health of performers, you and the neighbors, especially with the musical ear.

The price for setting the instruments

Exit the wizard - for free.
Removing dust - free.
Setting up the instruments - 1500 rubles.

Alexander Kondyurin -

piano tuner

Moscow State Theatre "Russian Song" Nadezhda Babkina with 30 years of experience.
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Also assisted in acquiring refurbished tools.

Tune the piano, grand piano in Moscow.Restored pianos for sale

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