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performed by Russian bass Alexandr Kondyurin.
The main principle of the singer - to transmit the content of the song correct accents in lines of couplets. For this we have to repeatedly recite verses of the songs that are selected in the repertoires of soloists, to produce records and only then proceed to the musical part, that is ideally good for the listener an unforgettable performance of the song is a recitation of verses to the tune, written by a composer not narcissism own voice . By this the ideal actor and desires. Summer will be a joint account ritmodeklamatsy Elect Vladimir Rebikova on poems by Konstantin Balmont with a wonderful pianist A.Sheludyakov. We hope that this work will interest the audience.

Free to read, download texts of Russian folk songs

Below are the wonderful poems of Soviet and Russian poets who have all your favorite songs, "gold fund of our country." Many authors undeservedly forgotten. We will try to compensate for that publication of these magnificent poems on this page. To read click on the name or on the "+" icon on the right. All texts are specifically divided into vocal syllables that fall on the notes in the song's melody. In the future you will be able to sing these songs here. It is planned to write polnozvuchaschee "Karaoke" in an easy to sing in a friendly tone of the company. Spelling in this regard may be compromised deliberately

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