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This singing - this is not the voice of admiration and the emotional content of the transfer of poetic work.

What is chanson? Let's try to understand together. Here's how to explain this concept brief musical vocabulary Yandex - Dictionaries:"Chanson - the name applied to a variety of historical and genre types of French Song (French chanson - the song). In a more narrow sense (in musicological literature), the term" chanson "is used in relation to the French polyphonic song, XV-XVI centuries."
Junk "narrower sense", and everything falls into place ...

Song, Russian song is at the head of this concept now, and not "a song by the rules", which heavily stuffed our listeners all kinds of Chanson - Radio.

Wikipedia says:

Chanson (fr. Chanson - song) - a genre of vocal music; upotrebimo word with two meanings: 1. secular polyphonic song in French of the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance; 2. French pop song in the style of theater.
Discarding polyphony, as called such meow girls vocals of our most famous Russian artists chanson Willy Tokarev, Michael Shufutinski, Stas Mikhailov did not seem possible.

It remains theater, well in Russian - a tavern. Here, as the singing Yuri Vizbor: "we are ahead of the rest ..."

Very good, in my vzlyad wrote An.Chehov:

"... The precursors of the modern genre" chanson "were old prison songs XVI-XIX centuries, related to them" delete "." Delete "rogue active were close, it was the song of those who feuded with the government and society are not willing to put up with the existing rules of life, imposing its own world - brave and terrible law. Broaching - "compassionate" songs were created by convicts. ".
Widespread in our society in the XIX - XXI centuries, get directions so-called "Russian chanson", but if in the XIX century, prominent representatives of the St. Petersburg school (Alexander Vertinsky, Isabella St. George, Vadim Kozin) "planted a tree" Russian chanson, widely used deep roots of Russian folk tales, folk songs, that is, Folklore (folk art), the XX-XXI century, most fruits born some ugly form and content ... However, it is a subjective opinion. Once the audience "vote ruble," and shows the current singer is a huge success and attended, so it is "there homespun truth ..." However, in fairness, it should be noted that some modern songs in the style of chanson attract, especially the unprepared and neobremenёnnogo special knowledge and training in the School of Music listener death anguish and cruel brute force is stressed, until slyuntyaystva tender.

In my opinion, there are no bad genres, and have songs and performers who discredit Russian chanson. In my opinion, a real Russian chanson to be honest and full of soul and for the soul, not the legs. However, it should be in any genre ...

On this page you can appreciate the songs of Russian chanson repertoire of great singers of the past Yu.Morfessi, P.Leschenko. Russian Chanson you can listen to for free on-line, without registration and SMS. Prepare for recording on CD songs of A. Vertinsky, V.Kozina and other artists whose work is close to Alexander Kondyurin, who also wrote several songs in this controversial and mysterious genre - Russian chanson.

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listen to free Russian chanson

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Buy bagels (from the repertoire of Yu.Morfessi)
Cups faceted (from the repertoire of P.Leschenko)
Curly forelock (from the repertoire of Yu.Morfessi)
As a fragrant flower (from the repertoire of Yu.Morfessi)
I know of other nice walk (from the repertoire of Yu.Morfessi)
Marfa (from the repertoire of P.Leschenko)
My Marusechka (from the repertoire of P.Leschenko)
Купите бублики
(Buy bagels)
2:36 min
Стаканчики гранёные
(Cups faceted)
2:16 min
Чубчик кучерявый
(Curly forelock)
2:12 min
Как цветок душистый
(As a fragrant flower)
2:10 min
Я мила друга знаю по походке
(I know of other nice walk)
1:58 min
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