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Free videos of Russian folk songs, romances, chanson

, Russian folk, chanson, Soviet pop songs, Cossack songs

A new clip on the romance of P. Bulakhov "Charming eyes"

Video for the song Alexander Kondyurin verses Oksana Ivanova - Zakharova "Christmas Angel"

Video. Alexandr Kondyurin. Live sound.

Terek Cossacks: "Not on the sea."
with the arrangement A.Kondyurina

Romance. "Only once".
Live Sound at minus phonogram

New ethno recording Alexander Kondyurin. Live sound.

Oh, come to us, brothers, get upset.
cossack lingering (transcript L.Antipovoy)

A hangover.
cossack lingering (from A.Listopadova collection)

A new song by Alexander Kondyurin poems Oksana Ivanova - Zakharova "Christmas Angel" with English subtitles

Participation in the concert Zlata Dzardanova "What a miracle" in the small hall at the Taganka Theater.

music V.Agranovich, poems N.Ovsyannikovoy

music V.Agranovich, poems G.Zhukov

 Free Video Russian folk songs, romances, chanson


russian folklore, Soviet pop, ethno.

Concert by Russian bass A.Kondyurina at a music festival dedicated to the Children's Day, organized by the art salon Helena Ryleeva,singing without a microphone to the orchestra sound track.

Along the Piterskaya. Coachman, do not ride horses. Long ago faded chrysanthemums in the garden. Buy bagels. Enka. Song of the bears. The beauty queen. A song about Moscow.

Along the Piterskaya - Russian folk song.

Participation in a concert by Russian bass A.Kondyurina to music - poetry evening Joseph Rabinowitz in the Conference Center of Computer Sciences.

Missing for the Motherland.

Participation in a concert May 9

The clouds in the blue

Participation in a concert of folk music T.Smyslovoy at the State University Higher School of Economics.

Oh, yes you kalinushka.
(Russian folk song)

And, oh, the meadow
(Russian folk song)

Concert by Russian bass Alexander Kondyurina at Folklife Festival Warnay FolkFest.

Forelock curly hair
(Russian chanson, singing without a microphone to the orchestra sound track)

Buy bagels
(Russian chanson, singing without a microphone to the orchestra sound track)

(song Semeiskie Transbaikalia)

Along the Piterskaya
(Russian folklore song, singing without a microphone to the orchestra sound track)

Russian bass Alexandr Kondyurin at the show program V World Championship in SPA

In the islands of the hunter

Wormwood in the grass

Russian folk song Along the Piterskaya

Solo on jew's harp (a concert in the Theater of Russian Song

Anniversary of Victory in World War II is devoted.

Three tanker.

The sun disappeared behind the mountain.

Victory Day.

Cossacks in Berlin.

Oh, these clouds in the blue.

Free Video Russian folk songs, romances, chanson,

Russian folklore, Soviet pop, ethno.